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258-051 RealHunter Hearing Protectors Active ProShoot BT

Manufacturer: Kolba
List price: 99.95
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RealHunter Active ProSHOT BT brown is a new generation of active hearing protectors with a SNR attenuation of 27 dB,
with a Bluetooth module and a 3.5 mm minijack port that allow you to make phone calls, listen to music and connect additional devices.

Modern design

RealHunter Active ProSHOT BT are low-profile protectors with a clearly cut lower shell.This design ensures a comfortable composition when firing long weapons and gives the protectors a modern style. Wide, replaceable cushions isolate from noise very well, are pleasant to the skin, and can be easily kept clean. The profiled bow with a padded pad distributes the pressure evenly over the head, thanks to which the protectors
can be worn for a long time without feeling unpleasant pressure.
The foldable design makes it easy to adjust the protectors to the size of the head and fold them for transport.

Active protection

Active Hearing Protectors have built-in omni-directional microphones that deliver clean amplified sound to the user's ear.
Therefore, when wearing RealHunter Active ProSHOT ear muffs, not only do we hear better and clearer,
we can also comfortably communicate with other shooters, without removing the headphones or raising our voice.
After exceeding the safe level of 82 dB, the active electronic system automatically turns off the microphones in just 0.01 s! When the microphones are turned off, the ear muffs provide 22 dB NRR passive protection.
The noise reduction index (NRR) measures how many decibels the muffler reduces a hazardous sound. The ear muffs effectively protect against impulse noise, while ensuring clear and clear hearing of surrounding sounds.

Volume control

RealHunter Active ProSHOT also enables smooth adjustment of the volume of heard sounds and calls,
depending on the needs and the situation. The large grooved volume / switch knob allows for comfortable operation
of the headphones while wearing shooting gloves.


The protectors are powered by two popular and easily available AAA batteries (mounted in one shell) that ensure long operation.
The average working time is about 200 hours and depends on the volume level, use of the Bluetooth module,
shooting intensity and air temperature.

Minijack port

RealHunter Active ProSHOT BT have a standard 3.5 mm minijack port (cable included),
thanks to which we can connect external audio devices (for listening to music) or PMR radio (communication) to the protector.

Bluetooth port
The element that distinguishes RealHunter Active ProSHOT BT from other protectors in this price range is, of course,
the Bluetooth module. The use of wireless communication protocol provides, among others support for the necessary
telephone functions: receiving a call call rejection ending the call transfer the call (call waiting) select the last number.

There is a separate button above the main dial for the communication and Bluetooth pairing functions. 
RealHunter Active ProSHOT BT, in addition to the main ambient volume control, also offers the ability to separately change the call volume. Two-channel sound level control increases the comfort of communication and allows for better isolation when talking in a noisy environment. Useful extras Along with the protectors, we receive a set of practical accessories: - hard case to protect the protectors during transport, - 3.5 mm minijack cable, - aluminum carabiner.


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