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GI05 Ghost 5 Tactical Holster system Level III retention + Standard Module

Manufacturer: GHOST
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This is the Ghost 5, Sandro’s ultimate Duty holster. Evolution of the best seller GHOST 3, built from the best polymer in the world, extremely resistant and durable. Abs protects any damages from outside, Ledra protects your pistol finishing and no shacking when the pistol is in the holster.

Made especially for all modern police corps, and solve all the actual problematics.



During the drawing of the weapon from the holster the shooting hand goes down in a natural movement. During the descent, the thumb of the shooting hand pushes against the weapon release lever and open the two-retention system (img. 2-3-4) Not until this lever is pushed in completely, the weapon is released. The ideal grip on the weapon automatically sets the thumb on the lever. No need to re-grip the weapon. With minimal training the weapon can be out of the holster and trained on the target within 3 seconds. When re-holstering, the weapon is automatically locked then lock the secondary system retention with your hand (img. 5). No straps or buttons to engage. The loss of a firearm because a strap is forgotten or broken is completely prevented.



Do not try to pull the weapon upwards before pushing the lever even if the secondary mechanism is open. The gun will not be released. Always push first the lever then draw the pistol out.

This prevents unauthorized drawing of the weapon during a fight. Train to always push the lever first also when you find yourself in a situation where you have to put your hand on the butt of the gun.

The drawing of the gun is a completely natural movement. The only thing the hand does is go down to get a secure grip on the gun. The thumb automatically pushes the release lever downwards. Construction of the lever is such that all thumb and hand sizes fit.

The heightened back of the holster with funnel prevents the front sight to touch the inside of the holster at any time. This is done to protect the sight as well as the inside of the holster. Also the rear sight is protected against hitting of the holster.

With the right-handed holsters the weapon release lever covers the magazine release button to prevent accidental release of the magazine; with the left-handed holsters the holster shell is constructed in such way it is impossible to push the button with a holstered weapon. 


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