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LE-401B RealHunter Active Pro Hearing Protectors + Glasses

Manufacturer: Kolba
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RealHunter ACTiVE Pro headphones are professional hearing protectors operating in both active and passive mode (23 dB NRR *). Two directional microphones built into the body and enclosed with durable plastic housing are characterized by high sensitivity and precision. Thanks to them, the user can easily and freely conduct conversations or listen to the sounds of the environment, while being sure that any sounds of the outside world of over 85 dB will be timely and effectively cut off.

RealHunter ACTiVE Pro active earplugs are powered by two AAA batteries, and the control is done by a knob that turns the device on or off. Further control of the knob increases or decreases the volume.

An important feature of ACTiVE Pro, which will surely please many people, is a mini jack that allows you to connect a radio, mp3 player or mobile phone, transforming our headphones into "playing" equipment. Importantly, despite the playback from an external device, the protectors still download ambient noises and cut off those above 85 dB.

On the side, next to the control knob we can find a control diode, after switching on the headphones it turns on, informing us about the current mode of operation - active or passive.

The gum that is in direct contact with our ears is soft and delicate. It has a hole that removes excess air, thanks to which the protectors adhere very well to our head. The headband is trimmed with a pleasant to the touch, suede fabric. The large adjustment range of the ear muffs will make them secure.

RealHunter ACTiVE Pro will surely draw the attention of hunters, sports shooters and uniformed personnel who have to deal with long-range weapons on a daily basis, all thanks to a narrow profile of headphones specially prepared for a bitch.

Along with the handset, the customer also receives Protect safety goggles that have the ANSI standard. Thick glass made of transparent plastic that does not distort the image effectively protects eyesight in crisis situations. The durability and resistance of the glasses has been confirmed by our test - a direct shot with a sharp shot with a 17J air rifle from a distance of 1 meter, it has not pierced RealHunter glasses. It should also mention the 3-step adjustment of the temples and the soft rubber nose pads.

RealHunter ACTiVE Pro safety headphones are available in the following colors:

  • black
  • olive
  • orange

Characteristic features of ACTiVE Pro:

  • passive operation mode (23 dB NRR *) and active (cut-off above 85 dB)
  • two fixed directional microphones
  • mini jack socket for connecting an external device (cable included)
  • a diode informing about the current device operation mode
  • side profile for the log

Technical data:

  • NRR * noise reduction factor: 23 dB
  • cutting off sounds above: 85 dB
  • power supply: 2 x AAA (not included)
  • Weight: 272 grams (without batteries)

24 months warranty.

* NRR - Noise Reduction Rating - the noise reduction indicator in Polish means the approximate level of noise reduction achieved thanks to the protector, expressed in dB.


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